Shop for a Vehicle Under $15,000

Finding a used vehicle at a great price is always fun. And if you are ready to get into a great vehicle that you are going to love, come to Car City in Olathe. We have a full selection of used vehicles that cost less than $15,000, and we are ready to show them off to you. Our sales associates are not just very knowledgeable about our inventory; they are also excited to help you find the vehicle meant for you. And if you are not completely certain whether or not you will buy now or later, don't worry. We always have a certain amount of inventory on our lot near Gardner, KS, that falls under the under $15,000 range.

Our Brands

If you are ready to find some great deals on some of the best brands around, check out the Ford, Kia, Mitsubishi, Pontiac, and Toyota vehicles on our lot. And one thing that's going to impress you is that we also have Massimo ATVs under $15,000 on our lot. Whether you are interested in getting a great deal on a vehicle or ATV, we are the place to stop by and be impressed with all of the models available.

Used Vehicles Saves You Money near Lenexa

Not everyone realizes how much used saves you near Overland Park. Most people look at the sticker price and realize that buying used will take several thousand dollars off the purchase price. But not everyone notices that it also cuts off a great amount of money on the interest on the loan and the sales taxes. This is because the starting principal is less. And even fewer people take the time to research how much they'll save on the insurance premiums.

Visit Our Dealership near Shawnee, KS

When it's time to get a great deal on a used ATV or vehicle, come to our dealership and learn more about what we can do for you. Our sales associates are always here to make your life easier, and they're going to be happy to help you find the right vehicle when the time comes.